Using WordOps as a WordPress Stack

WordOps so simple installation

One of the most simple, managed and easy ways to have a WordPress installation stack (I am talking LEMP “Linux-Nginx-MySQL-PHP” stack here) was by using EasyEngine (v3).

But after they moved to EasyEngin(v4) (and actually I don’t like it so much)…that is not right for me any more and i used to do it the hard way…until I found WordOps.

Basically it’s an EasyEngine (v3) in a new Clothes but with so many new features also Like:

  • Easy to install: One step automated installer with migration from EasyEngine (v3) support
  • Fast deployment: Fast and automated WordPress, Nginx, PHP, MySQL & Redis installation
  • Custom Nginx build: Nginx 1.18.0 – TLS v1.3 Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK & Brotli support
  • Up-to-date: PHP 7.2, 7.3 & 7.4, MariaDB 10.5 & Redis 6.0
  • Secured: Hardened WordPress security with strict Nginx location directives
  • Powerful: Optimized Nginx configurations with multiple cache backends support
  • SSL: Domain, Subdomain & Wildcard Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with DNS API
  • Modern: Strong ciphers_suite, modern TLS protocols and HSTS support (Grade A+ on ssllabs)
  • Monitoring: Live Nginx vhost traffic with ngx_vts_module and server monitoring with Netdata
  • User Friendly: WordOps dashboard with server status/monitoring and tools (Check out their demo)

WordOps System Requirement

WordOps can be used on a minimum storage of just about ~100MB and 512 MB of ram but for the recommended hardware configuration for production you will need a dedicated or Virtual server with:

  • Multi-core CPU
  • 20GB SSD storage (at least)
  • 2GB RAM

I tried WordOps on a single core CPU VPS with 1GB of ram and it worked fine actually.

And for the Linux server operating system you will need on of the following distributions

Ubuntu20.04 LTS (focal)x86_64
18.04 LTS (bionic)x86_64
16.04 LTS (xenial)x86_64
Debian9 (stretch)x86_64
10 (buster)x86_64
Raspbian9 (stretch)armv7l
10 (buster)armv7l

I am actually using WordOps for all my new WordPress websites with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Linux distribution, and it just works.

Hope you all have a good day…! 🙂

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